In-Kind Gifts
Tips for Giving Donations:

  • Please ask yourself before giving an item:                                       “Would I wear/use this myself or give it to a friend?"

  • We can not accept open containers/packages of food or out dated food for use in our Food Pantry.  In addition, open packages of medications or healthcare items can not be accepted.

  • We do accept prepared food (e.g. leftovers from events or parties) in our Men's Ministry Dining Hall. We welcome drop offs any time, however, we are unable to come to your location for pick up.

  • We cannot use gifts that are torn, stained, broken or otherwise in need of repair.

  • We no longer can accept donations of large appliances.

  • We generally do not accept donations of other large items such as furniture.  Donations of such items can only be accepted if they are in excellent condition, there is an immediate need for the items, and are from a financial donor living nearby the Mission.  Please be advised that our driver may decline a donation upon inspection if it is found not to be in excellent condition.  Please call (724) 652-4321 to determine if there is an immediate need for an item that you wish to donate.

  • We only accept donation of vehicle(s) if the City Rescue Mission can place them into immediate service within the ministry.  Vehicles must have current inspection and be in good working order.  No vehicles can be accepted if they are in need of repair.  Please call Kevin Green at (724) 652-4321 to inquire if your vehicle is eligible for donation. 

Items Needed Most:
Check our Most Needed Items Page for a current list of needed items.

Year - Round Needs:

* Toilet Paper *Paper Towels *Coffee/Tea 
*Sugar/Creamer *Canned Beans, Vegetables, Fruit *Pork, Beef, Ham, Chicken
*Bath Towels *Laundry Detergent *Napkins 

Please drop your donations at the City Rescue Mission located at 319 S Croton Avenue, New Castle. Click the link below for driving directions.
Driving Directions