Volunteer Opportunities for Groups
Come join us on the mission field in Western Pennsylvania!
Help us offer a HAND-UP to a BETTER LIFE in Christ!

We are seeking groups of volunteers to serve in the following ways

  • BAM! Bring a Meal!  Your group can provide and serve a purchased or prepared meal for our guests. Download our BAM! brochure.

Bring a Meal

  • Host a party or activity. Mission guests enjoy movie nights, game nights, picnics, cookouts, and more!

  • Organize a drive of needed items.  Encourage your church or group to organize a drive.  Here is a list of most needed items..
  • Serve A Meal.  Groups of 5 or less can come serve a meal in our kitchen.
  • Cleaning or Maintenance. On occasion, we will have projects that are suitable for small group that involve cleaning, painting, or other facility maintenance projects. These projects are offered on an as-needed basis.

   Please fill out the form below and a City Rescue Mission staff member         will be in contact to follow up with you.

Groups Love to Volunteer!

YES, My Group Is Interested in Volunteering!

Is your group interested in volunteering at the City Rescue Mission located in New Castle, Pennsylvania?
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*Group size is generally limited to 10 in order to ensure the best experience for your group. Groups with more than 10 members can sign up for more than one date to volunteer. During the summer months we may have opportunities that may enable us to accommodate groups larger than 10.
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